10 Trends to Consider When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Professional exterior house painters stay abreast of exterior paint trends to help their clients make informed decisions. Trends for exterior paint change, much like interior design trends change. Ensuring that your home delivers the curb appeal you want starts with choosing exterior house painters who can provide you with up-to-the-minute

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Debunking 8 Common Eco-Friendly Paint Myths

Eco-friendly paints are being used in more home improvement projects and for good reason. Many homeowners want to build greener structures, and the aforementioned products are critical to those projects. Still, certain myths about environmentally safe paints make people hesitant to use them. This article will dispel some of those

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How Does Color Design Affect the Mood of Your Home?

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, so it should feel the way you need it to feel. Do you want to feel cozy and intimate or create a sense of vast openness? Do you want your home to be a relaxing oasis where everyone can feel an immediate

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5 Interior Paint Colors That Never Go Out of Style

Color plays an important role in making interior décor setups work. Even if you have seemingly disparate design elements inside your home, a thoughtful approach to interior painting can bring them together. According to Open Door, you should pick colors that will still be popular five to 10 years from

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