Debunking 8 Common Eco-Friendly Paint Myths

Eco-friendly paints are being used in more home improvement projects and for good reason. Many homeowners want to build greener structures, and the aforementioned products are critical to those projects. Still, certain myths about environmentally safe paints make people hesitant to use them. This article will dispel some of those persistent myths. Check out the details in this article and learn why using eco-friendly house paint is in your best interests!

1. Myth: Eco-Friendly Paints Lack Durability

Because eco-friendly paints use different ingredients than their conventional counterparts, many believe the disparity translates to lesser qualities. More specifically, one persistent myth suggests that eco-friendly paints aren’t very durable. According to Forbes, you can count on a good paint job lasting 10 to 15 years. This myth suggests that environmentally safe paints cannot last that long.

You don’t have to worry about durability if you decide to use this paint for your home improvement projects. The manufacturers of these paints tend to use stronger pigments. That manufacturing choice makes a significant difference because the pigments can hold up better to the elements. The paint colors will last longer because the base pigments are already strong to begin with.

How long can you expect your chosen paint to last? Many eco-friendly paints feature durability slightly better than the more conventional options. Small differences do exist between the variants of environmentally friendly paints, but you can still count on remarkable longevity no matter which one you choose.

2. Myth: Eco-Friendly Paints Cannot Be Used in Certain Places

The ingredients used in eco-friendly paints evidently draw the ire of many detractors. That’s why another enduring myth suggests that those products are not as versatile as conventional paints. The type of versatility we’re talking about here refers to where paints can be used. Homeowners should be more selective when choosing where to use eco-friendly paints because they will fade and chip faster if exposed to the elements.

Location-based limitations do not apply to eco-friendly paints. Feel free to use them in any spot where you would apply traditional paint. Those new paints will deliver the bursts of color and durability you’ve come to expect no matter where they are used.

Eco-friendly paints can also be applied in high-use areas. Use them to coat window and door frames without worrying about earlier-than-expected fading. Durability also won’t be an issue even if you use eco-friendly paints inside the bathroom or kitchen.

3. Myth: Eco-Friendly Paints Feature Poor Variety

Many homeowners want to indulge their creativity when taking on home improvement projects. They have clear ideas for their home décor and will settle for nothing less. If you listen to what some people say about eco-friendly paints, you may believe that achieving your desired designs using them is impossible. Because we brought that point up in this article, you’ve probably guessed that the claim in question is inaccurate.

Variety is not an issue with eco-friendly paints. Due to the way manufacturers have embraced eco-friendly paints, you won’t be struggling with options if you use these products for your projects. Color options are abundant no matter which brand you prefer. Speak to your painting partners so they can pick up the colors you need.

4. Myth: Eco-Friendly Paints Are Harder to Apply

After taking a look around your living room, you may come to the conclusion that repainting is necessary. Since you have a big event coming soon, you also want to finish that repainting project as quickly as possible. Is using eco-friendly paint a viable option if you need to complete a painting project quickly?

Some of the myths surrounding eco-friendly paints may tell you that finishing projects quickly using them is a tough ask. The myths say that coating the surfaces inside your home will take longer because these products are harder to use. Don’t buy into those myths. Repainting your home with eco-friendly products will go smoothly.

The professionals you hire don’t have to take additional precautions when using eco-friendly paint. They can use it the same way they would the more traditional options. Your project won’t be delayed because they have to exercise more caution to ensure complete coverage. For more information on our paint application methods, contact our team today.

5. Myth: Eco-Friendly Paints Present Cleaning Challenges

Repainting a room allows you to transform its appearance. You can use specific colors to create a more relaxing or engaging environment. Now that you’ve created the ideal setting, you want to maintain it as long as possible. Regularly cleaning the painted surfaces will help you maintain that environment.

So, will cleaning be an issue if you use eco-friendly house paint? Cleaning up surfaces coated with sustainable paints does not require any special preparation. You can take a clean rag and scrub away dirt and other stains on the painted surface. Using water and soap for cleaning will also not affect the longevity of your environmentally safe paints.

6. Myth: Eco-Friendly Paints Are Not Worth Using

Anyone familiar with sustainable paints can tell you about their main selling point. Manufacturers tout their low VOC content and even build marketing campaigns around that fact. If you don’t know what VOCs are, it’s easy to buy into the myth that they don’t significantly impact paint quality. Therefore, using eco-friendly paints is also not worth the investment.

Let’s use this opportunity to define VOCs to understand why their absence in eco-friendly paints is a big deal. VOCs refer to volatile organic compounds. According to the EPA, VOCs are capable of causing adverse health effects. Those adverse health effects include increased irritation, headaches, and even cancer.

We’re not exaggerating the effects of VOCs. You should always be wary of them when choosing products to use in and around your home. Sticking to eco-friendly paints is recommended precisely because of their low VOC content.

7. Myth: Eco-Friendly Paints Are Overly Expensive

Pricing is always a chief concern for property owners beginning home improvement projects. It’s fair to wonder if eco-friendly paints may prevent you from keeping costs under control. You’ll be glad to know that eco-friendly paints being unreasonably expensive is only a myth.

Thanks to the way the painting industry has embraced sustainable paints, affordable options are now widely available. Most of them have price tags similar to traditional paints. Cost will not be an obstacle if you intend to use eco-friendly paints for your upcoming projects.

8. Myth: Eco-Friendly Paints Are Difficult to Find

Finally, one more myth suggests that using eco-friendly paints may be a challenge for homeowners because many businesses aren’t offering them yet. The myth says homeowners will have to conduct a rigorous search to find a painting service that relies on those products. Availability is not an issue whatsoever when it comes to eco-friendly paints. Regardless of where you live, you should be able to find painting businesses that use those sustainable products.

Using eco-friendly house paint does not mean settling for sub-standard results. Those products can deliver the same stellar results as their conventional counterparts without exposing you or your loved ones to harmful chemicals. Contact The Magic Painting Company today if you’re looking for a professional painting service that uses eco-friendly paints! We look forward to helping you achieve your dream home soon!

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