10 Trends to Consider When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Professional exterior house painters stay abreast of exterior paint trends to help their clients make informed decisions. Trends for exterior paint change, much like interior design trends change. Ensuring that your home delivers the curb appeal you want starts with choosing exterior house painters who can provide you with up-to-the-minute style options for your exterior.

Finding the Balance

When considering trends, it’s essential to strike a balance between contemporary styles and timeless choices. To get the most value from your exterior painting project, it’s essential that you tap into the expertise of exterior house painters. Local house painters have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and can easily predict which trend will be around for a while.

Expert input can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about color choices. Professional painters know what trends are popular in your specific geographical location. They can introduce you to options that align with your home’s architectural features. Professional exterior house painters will provide honest feedback and suggestions about these ten exterior home trends and whether they are a good choice for the exterior of your home.

1. Neutrals Are Popular

The safest way to ensure that the exterior of your home is on trend and that you are choosing a timeless trend is to choose neutral colors. Some of the most popular colors are gray, beige, tan, and taupe. These colors remain a popular choice for homeowners because they complement a wide range of architectural styles. Neutrals are classic exterior paint colors. They provide a great backdrop for bold accents, which leads to the next color trend.

2. Bold Accent Colors

Bold accent colors on entry doors, around windows, and other architectural features are right on trend. For example, a boldly painted red entry door is a popular option. Doors in jewel tones are also a popular way to add a little excitement to an otherwise neutral exterior. Bold accents add drama and contrast to the exterior of your home. Adding bold accents is a great way to try bold colors without taking the plunge to paint the entire house.

3. Earthy Natural Colors

Earthy hues are very popular right now. These colors can blend a house into its natural environment. Using earthy hues is popular in homes where the owner wants the home to become part of the landscape. This trend is very popular in both rural and suburban areas. Using this trend will make the outdoors the star of the show. Earth tones and natural colors are timeless. They are versatile and the trend is likely to be around for a while.

4. Navies and Charcoals

It is hard to miss the navy and charcoal trend that is currently happening in home exteriors. Dark colors in general are highly favored currently. Dark colors add a level of sophistication to any home but are mostly associated with modern-style architecture but not limited to modern-style architecture. Dark colors are also practical because they hide dirt and stains better. This visually striking trend has quickly become a classic look.

5. Two Tone Exteriors

Two-tone exteriors are also very much on trend. The top portion of the home is painted in one color and the bottom portion of the home is painted in either a complementary color or a contrasting color. Typically, the latter is the most popular. It is not unusual to see a home painted a darker color on top and a lighter color on the bottom. For example, a colonial blue upper half and a cream or beige-colored lower half or vice versa. This technique can enhance the architectural features of the home and deliver a visually stunning look.

6. Monochromatic Exteriors

Monochromatic exteriors are popping up all over the place. This trend uses two colors in the same color family in different shades. This trend delivers a classic, elegant look that will never go out of fashion. Using subtle variations of a single color, details of the architecture can be highlighted. Using a single color in different shades throughout the exterior creates a coordinated and balanced look. It is very easy on the eye. Everything from neutral shades to bright, bold colors can be used.

7. Contrasting Trim

We talked about adding bold accents to neutral backdrops as being a popular trend. On the same note, using contrasting colors on trim is a similar trend. This is not a new trend; it is a classic trend that always makes it on the top exterior home trend lists. Painting trims with contrasting colors adds visual interest to a home. For example, a navy exterior is highly complemented by trim painted in white. Contrasting trim adds depth. It can highlight all the areas that make your house a standout structure. Contrasting trim is a powerhouse for delivering visual interest to a home’s exterior.

8. Energy Efficiency

More homeowners than ever are interested in exterior paint that promotes energy efficiency. For example, in warmer climates, reflective exterior colors are very much on trend. Lighter colors will reflect heat from the sun’s rays. In colder climates, darker colors are popular because they will absorb heat. Exterior paint trends are often influenced by climate and location. Local exterior house painters are a great resource for helping you choose energy-efficient paint colors for your region.

9. Texture Finishes

Textured painted finishes are not popular everywhere, but they have seen a resurgence in some areas. Textured finishes are favored in certain types of home styles. There is a wide variety of textured finishes available, ranging from subtle to pronounced textures. Options include techniques like stippling, rag rolling, sponging, and stucco. They are a popular trend for mixed material exteriors.

10. Historical Restoration

Renovating older homes has been on trend for a while now, and it has fueled an exterior paint trend. Many homeowners with period homes are choosing paint techniques, colors, and designs to complement their older home’s design. The goal of this trend is to stay true to the original exterior of the home. Selecting historically accurate colors can restore the original charm of a home. Even in the case where the home is not historical, homeowners are jumping on this trend by doing a little research with the help of professional exterior house painters to determine what the best colors are for their exterior based on the home style.

Some trends will come and go. Other trends will stick around for a while. Others will become classic trends. You never want to make a rash decision when you are choosing the trend you want to follow. There are a lot of considerations to make when you are considering exterior painting. It can be a challenge to make the right decision without having the information you need.

Ensuring that your exterior is on trend starts with choosing exterior house painters who can help you navigate color choices, paint techniques, and design styles. According to IBIS World, in the United States, there are about 250,000 painting businesses, so it’s essential that you choose a painting company that specializes in exterior painting. Call our team at The Magic Painting Company today to get all the support you need to upgrade your exterior using trends that are timeless.

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