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Training in the Arts of Production, Management and Leadership

At Magic Painting we train our staff in the arts of production, management and leadership.  Inspired by the concept of being a “triple threat”, our model for success is based on empowering our staff in all three areas of development. 

Within our training program each of these three areas are then refined into specific skills relevant to each staff’s job tier as apprentice, lead painter or foreman.  From defining these standards and expecting excellence, Magic Painting’s staff has expressed greater job satisfaction and experienced better preparation for any future endeavors. 

What We Offer:

Nuts and Bolts:

  • Consistent, stable and local full-time and year-round employment 
  • Livable wages: $17- 35 per hour with performance bonuses and benefit options 
  • Accruing PTO paid time off, OJT on the job training and explicit performance reviews
  • Established business niche, reputation, systems, insurance, organization and job descriptions

Heart and Soul:

  • Positive, safe, healthy and fun work culture
  • Honest, authentic, curious and trusting working relationships
  • Meaningful, challenging and autonomous work projects for each team
  • Whole person and team oriented business philosophies with staff appreciation events

What We Want:

  • Staff of the highest level of character, morals and work ethic
  • At least 1-year full time prior experience in the residential industry
  • Aptitudes for extended physical labor, heights and dexterity with tools
  • Career oriented professionals who take pride in balancing processes and products
  • Team players who are communicative, collaborative, fun and open to learning together
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