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What to Expect From a Color Consultation Service

Owning a home is the dream for many of us. However, once you own your house, you may find it difficult to find the right interior design schemes. According to Colorlib, 62 to 90% of first impressions are based solely on color. Finding the right color scheme to reflect your personal style can be challenging. This is why many homeowners choose to work with professional painters who provide color consultation services.

These services can help you find the right paint scheme to make your house feel like a home. If you’re finding it difficult to create a palette that reflects your personal style and complements your home, consultation services are the answer. Here’s what you can expect from your color consultation service.

A Full-House Color Scheme

One of the main advantages of working with a color consultant is the end product. Rather than having every room designed as a separate entity, you’ll enjoy a color scheme that’s carried throughout the entire home. This approach gives your entire home a polished and finished look and a sense of purpose that flows from room to room. Once you’ve determined that color palette for your house, you’ll have a fantastic design foundation. This foundation makes it much easier to begin your overall interior design. Once the wall color has been decided upon, you can move on to floor and window coverings with ease.

Utilizing a unified scheme throughout the entire home will help it feel larger and well-thought-out. If working with an interior designer for all aspects of your home decorating isn’t feasible, having color consultation services will allow you to attain an interior that looks professionally designed. Having these services at the start of your renovation or move-in process will also help you avoid costly missteps and mistakes. Deciding on a color palette for your entire house with the aid of a professional is a cost-effective and efficient way to get the results you’ve been dreaming of. Your initial meeting will set your expectations and solidify the design goals you have in mind.

Discussion of Your Goals

The initial goal-setting meeting is one of the most important steps in the process. During this consultation, you’ll discuss the outcomes you want to achieve with your professional painters. This is the point in the process to bring up any challenges you’re facing that professional painters are adept at overcoming. For example, if you want a formal dining room, but the allocated space feels small and closed in, the right paint can overcome such concerns. It’s really amazing just how much of a difference the right paint colors can make to any room!

During your initial meeting, you’ll want to let the color consultant know of any “no-go” colors as well. Some people have certain colors that they just don’t want in their homes. Having a few magazine or website examples of palettes that you really like is also helpful. The more you share about your tastes, personal style, and design goals at the start of the process, the better. This information will help you avoid a trial-and-error process that can quickly feel tedious. Your color consultant wants to make sure that they’re helping you create a home that reflects your tastes and preferences.

A Walk-Through of Your Home

Depending on how long your initial consultation takes, the home tour might be its own separate appointment. Having some time to absorb and process your initial meeting before the walk-through occurs is helpful for many people, but that decision is up to you and your color consultant. During the walk-through, you can bring up any challenges and hopes that exist for each room. You’ll also be able to address how you want the colors to flow from room to room. Many people choose a palette for “public” areas that is very different from the color scheme that’s utilized in private areas of the house like the bedrooms.

You’ll also discuss the formality that you want to be reflected in different areas of the house. This will help them determine how to adjust color depth and tonality. This tour of your home will also likely spark some design ideas for you, so it’s a good idea to take some notes. You can point out different pieces of furniture or artwork that are important to you and could serve as center points for different rooms. Have some fun during this tour and consider some options that may not have occurred to you before.

Advice on Colors, Textures, and Brands

Now that your consultant has seen your home, has listened to your ideas and hopes for your interior, and understands how you want your home to look and feel, it’s time for some final decisions. After they present the proposed palette to you, you’ll dig a little deeper into the selection process. You’ll discuss trim, edging, and paint textures once you’ve approved of the color scheme. Together with your professional painters, you’ll determine which brand of paint is best for your needs.

If you’re also painting the exterior of your home, you’ll finalize those choices as well. This is the final stage when you can easily make changes. Once you’ve decided on your brand, texture, and color choices, the next step is for the painters to get to work. If there are any decisions that you’re not fully sure of, you can ask the painters to create a few test blocks for you to get a better idea of how a certain paint color will look. The more legwork that goes into these beginning parts of the process, the less likely that you’ll need to make costly changes after the paint’s been applied.

Follow-Up Service

Now that the professional painters have done their jobs and your home’s interior is fully painted with your new colors, you’ll have a follow-up call. During this call, your consultant will review the work with you to confirm your satisfaction. If there’s anything that you’re not sure of, now’s the time to speak up. Scheduling this appointment for a week or so after the work has been completed will give you ample time to absorb the changes. Allow yourself some time to live with the colors, especially if the change has been significant. There’s no need to rush.

If you have any questions or concerns about the colors or the paint itself, let them know. Remember that natural light can have a big impact on how colors look throughout the day. Spend some time in each newly painted room throughout the day to appreciate how the color changes. After your painting is complete, you should have a lot of design ideas and inspiration on how to finish your interior design process. Have some fun trying new and unexpected choices, you just might be surprised by how much you love them.

If you’re interested in learning more about the color consultation services provided by our team at The Magic Painting Company, give us a call today. Our professional painters will help you find the right interior or exterior colors that will ensure that your home reflects your personal style and taste. Our professional color consultation is an effective way to find the perfect color palette for your home.

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