What to Ask Your House Painting Consultants Before a Painting Service

When you have a major painting project planned, it makes sense to work with house painting consultants. According to IBIS World, between 2018 and 2023 the house painting industry experienced a 2.6% growth rate. The range of services that are available to homeowners continues to expand as well. Now, many homeowners work with house painting consultants before they even hire a painting service. If you want to hire color consultants, finding contractors that do both color consulting and painting can help streamline the process. Here are a few questions to ask when you’re interviewing house painting consultants.

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

Color consultation is often a mixture of art and science. There are actually quite a few rules that guide color selections. When you want your entire home to flow from room to room, the right color scheme can make this happen. You want to make sure that the consultants you’re working with have enough experience to know how to effectively create the mood you’re looking for in your home. This is true of both interior and exterior projects. You’ll also want to review their education and other qualifications to ensure that they’re the right team to act as your house painting consultants.

The most common clients for color consultants who are working on an exterior project are owners of Victorian-style homes. Of course, this is just one example of a house style that can benefit from a well-designed color scheme. If your home has a lot of trim, or you want to add visual interest to the exterior of your home by using a number of different colors, it’s a smart idea to meet with a color consultant to go over some options. When it comes to paint color selection, the more input and guidance you have can positively impact the outcome of the project.

Can We See Your Portfolio?

When you ask to see your color consultant’s portfolio, also ask if there are any local examples of their work that you could see firsthand. This is a lot more likely when you’re considering an exterior project, but it never hurts to ask, no matter the details of your project. Reviewing their portfolio should give you a better idea of their style and the types of homes they most often work on. Take the time to fully review the examples of their work and ask any questions you have. This is the information-gathering stage of the process.

Their portfolio should feature their best work, so be sure to look carefully. The consultants that you work with should have some experience working on the same type of house or interior as you have. For example, if you own a contemporary home and want to update both the exterior and interior color schemes, it might not be the right choice to work with a company that specializes in Victorians. Make sure that you see a few examples in their portfolio that are similar in style to yours and what you want for your end result.

Do You Handle Both Interior and Exterior Paint Colors?

Homeowners who are tackling both the interior and exterior of their houses usually find it easiest to work with a company that handles both types of projects. When you meet with the prospective color consultations, this is an important question to ask. While it’s possible to have one company handle your interior paint color choices and another take care of the exterior, in many ways, it’s adding an extra step to the process. If you want to enjoy a seamless project from start to finish, the best option is to work with a painting services company that handles both interior and exterior color consulting as well as painting.

If you’re going to completely reimagine the color schemes used on your property, it’s also fun to choose complementary color schemes for the interior and exterior. With this option, your home’s exterior foreshadows the interior colors. This allows you to create a sensory experience that envelops visitors from the moment they pull up to your home. Your curb appeal will get a major boost and your interior will flow from the outside in. This technique can help make your home feel larger and brighter, as the experience begins before they open your door to step inside.

How Long Does the Color Consultation Process Take?

This question will help you get a sense of the timeline for the project and what you can expect from start to finish. The color consultation part of the process can vary in the amount of time it takes. If you’re only having the downstairs of your interior painted, the consultation process will take a lot less time than someone who’s completely redoing their home both inside and out. If you’re considering textured paints, or want to use a specific color to help a room look larger, the process can take longer. This is a great question to bring up if your needs are time-sensitive.

Generally speaking, you’ll meet with the consultants, review the work that you want to have done, and then discuss ideas for the rooms you plan to have painted. Following this initial meeting, the team may have some follow-up questions for you. Next, they’ll present their ideas to you showing the full color palette that they have in mind. This palette will likely contain three primary colors and two supplemental shades. This allows you to expand the palette into other rooms as you continue repainting your home. There must be a good flow from the colors in adjacent rooms.

Can You Also Handle the Actual Painting Part of the Process?

Finally, once you’ve had all your questions relating to the color consultation process answered, you can ask if the same team can handle the painting too. As more homeowners invest in their properties and stay in one place for longer periods, home improvement services are expanding. Most of today’s painting companies offer a full range of services including color consulting. This means that after you establish the paint colors that you want, the same company can take care of the painting too. You’ll have just one contractor to work with throughout the entire process which is often desirable.

Another advantage of working with a full-service paint company is that trying out new and exciting paint colors can be a daunting experience. You want to work with a team that will provide test patches and work with you when the paint isn’t working out as planned. The more complex your project is, the more consideration you want to give to this aspect. Fortunately, there’s no wrong answer, and as long as you choose the colors that create the look and feel that you’re looking for, the project will be successful.

Repainting your home in the same color time after time can eventually feel stale. When you’re ready to break through your comfort zone and reimagine the way your house can look, it makes sense to hire house painting consultants. We’re a full-service residential painting company that handles both color consulting and painting for your home’s interior and exterior. Contact The Magic Painting Company today to get an estimate for your project and schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you transform your home both inside and out! Now’s an ideal time to get started with your new and exciting house painting project.

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