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Learn More About These 5 Exterior Painting Myths

If you’re wondering if now’s a good time to paint your house’s exterior, there are a few myths that you might be hearing. Exterior house painters can help you increase the value of your home. This home improvement project is always a good investment. According to Open Door, the value of your property could increase by as much as $2,200 after you paint the exterior. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home in the near future, exterior painting is a great project to add to the list. Let’s take a closer look at five common myths about exterior painting that you might be wondering about.

1. You Can’t Paint During Cold Weather

While this may have been the case in the past, today’s paint formulations are able to withstand colder temperatures. You can apply certain cold-weather acrylic paints in weather as cold as 35 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Consumer Reports. This means that there’s a lot more time for exterior house painters here in Minnesota to get your house painted. Once you decide that it’s time for an exterior paint job, you’ll have a lot more flexibility with the timing when you use specialized cold-weather paints. Don’t believe this untrue myth that states you can’t paint after it turns cold. This is great news for Minnesota homeowners.

If you’re not dealing with temperatures that low when your painting project begins, you won’t need to worry about using specialized paint types. However, due to prep work and pressure washing that has to occur before any painting begins, many exterior house painters prefer to work in the warmer months. Just bear in mind the seasonality of the painting. It’ll be difficult to schedule a painter in the late spring and summer months without some planning. If this is the time of year that you want your house painted, be sure to get your project on the books in advance.

2. There’s No Difference Between the Exterior Paints That Are Available

This might be another carryover from decades ago. Today’s paints are much more advanced, with differences between brands and types. There are different types of paints for your siding, trim, doors, porches, and decks. It’s important to work with a contractor that uses the correct paint type for the different areas of your house. When you opt for using specially designed paints in these areas, you’ll increase the lifespan of the paint and have to repeat the project less frequently. There’s really no reason to not take this approach when painting the outside of your home.

Another factor to consider when selecting the brand and type of paint for your project is the amount of direct sunlight your house receives. This can have an effect on how well your exterior paint holds up, so be sure to take that factor into consideration. Wind can also be pretty rough on your home’s exterior. With the weather that we can experience here in Minnesota, you’ll want to fully consider the weather and elements when you’re selecting paint. Your contractor will also be able to serve as a resource during this important decision-making process. Don’t believe the myth that all exterior paints are created equally.

3. Prepping to Paint Isn’t Always Necessary

This is definitely an untrue myth. Prepping is one of the most important steps in the process. In fact, the more attention paid to prep work, the better the painting results will be. Prep work can be tedious and includes tasks such as scraping paint off of trim. This step will also help your contractors notice any issues with your home’s siding, trim, or porch. Conditions like wood rot are prevalent in our region and the sooner they’re dealt with, the better. Don’t ever skip paint prep work because your paint won’t last as long or look as good without it.

When you’re interviewing contractors before hiring someone for your project, be sure to ask them what their prep routine is and how diligent they are with the task. You want to work with painters who take their work seriously and go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. There’s really nothing worse than going through the entire process only to be disappointed with the results due to insufficient prep work. Don’t let this happen to you or your house! Work with a professional painter who understands the importance of doing a job right the first time.

4. There’s No Need to Pressure Wash Before Painting

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that if there isn’t visible dirt on the outside of their house, pressure washing is an unnecessary step. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You might be surprised by just how much dust and dirt is covering your home once you start pressure cleaning. This is a step that you don’t want to skip. Giving the exterior of your house a deep clean will create an ideal surface for painting. When you thoroughly pressure clean your home before painting, your paint will last longer and be less prone to chipping and peeling.

Mold and mildew are two unwanted conditions that are eradicated by pressure washing the surface of your exterior. You might not even be aware that you have mold and mildew forming on your house until the pressure washing begins. Identifying and removing mold and mildew is another important step in the exterior painting process. These conditions tend to develop in areas under your porch roof, on window trim, and in eaves. Make sure that it’s all removed before moving on to the painting.

5. Sellers Don’t Have to Bother With Painting Their Home’s Exterior

We’re not sure how this myth got started, but it’s definitely not true. When you’re selling your home, you want to get the highest price possible. Many potential home buyers make a snap judgment once they see the exterior of a home. This means that you want to present your home in the best light possible. Don’t think that because your interior is impeccable, you can get away with a less-than-stellar exterior. Of course, you’ll still be able to sell your home without painting it, but it’ll likely be for less money. There’s no reason to not paint your house before listing it.

Curb appeal matters a lot when it comes to choosing a new house to buy. When buyers are reviewing their options, they often give the exteriors of the home they’re seeing a lot of consideration. No one wants to buy a house that doesn’t stack up to the others in the neighborhood. Fortunately, a new coat of paint can give your property’s curb appeal a significant boost. Don’t underestimate the way a fresh coat of paint and newly painted trim can make the way people perceive your home and its value.

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