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How to Prepare for House Painting

Preparing for house painting is essential before the crew arrives to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to prepare. Proper preparation also ensures that your things aren’t accidentally damaged by someone else moving them. Here are a few things homeowners should do to prepare.

Cover Furniture

Furniture that cannot be moved to a separate room should be covered with a drop cloth. A drop cloth is made of thick material that paint won’t soak through, making sure that your furniture won’t get stained if a few drops of paint fall off the brush. Make certain that furniture is completely covered for maximum protection.

Clear the Walls

Everything needs to be removed from the walls that will be painted. This includes shelves, pictures, paintings, and knick-knacks. Homeowners who want to put shelving and paintings back in the same location can leave nails and screws in the wall so they don’t have to redo them after the project is done.

Plan to Leave

Painters will need plenty of room for equipment, such as ladders, paint pans, and large buckets of paint. The more people in the house, the more difficult it can be to paint. When heading out of the house isn’t an option, plan on keeping the family in other areas so that the painters can complete the project quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Forget Pets

A dog running through a room can instantly result in spilled paint on your furniture or a person falling off a ladder. Instead, develop a plan for where the pets will be or how to prevent them from entering the room. If you have an enclosed yard, it’s best to put them outside until the paint project is complete.

Ask the Painters

These are great tips, but it’s essential to remember that every painting crew is different. According to IBISWorld, the painting industry is worth about $40 billion, so there are plenty of painting companies to choose from. Always ask questions and get all the information you need when working with a new crew.

When you’re ready to transform the interior of your home, house painting is the perfect way to do so. If you’re looking for a painting company you can trust, contact The Magic Painting for an estimate today!

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