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8 Shades to Consider When Staining Your Home

Wood stains offer protection against moisture and sun damage. They can also help keep your wooden floors and walls in excellent condition for a long time. For some property owners, staining brings out the natural beauty of their homes. Combine the right stain with the work of a professional home staining service, and the result can be truly spectacular. Pick the right shade of wood stain for your home by checking out these eight shades below.

1. Keep It Simple by Choosing Natural Wood Stains

The sheer number of wood stain colors can be overwhelming. If you want to make the selection process as simple as possible, you can choose a natural wood stain. The natural wood stain is on the lighter side. It has more color than ash or cypress stains but remains noticeably lighter than hardwood stains.

You should also coat the surfaces in your home with a natural stain if you don’t know the exact type of wood the builders used. Natural stain meshes with more wood variants compared to your other options. It will seamlessly blend into your décor regardless of your home construction.

2. Brighten Your Home by Using Light Wood Stains

Light wood stains are available if you’re looking to revamp the look and feel of your home. These stains work especially well for brightening interior spaces. They can liven up a part of your home that often feels dreary.

A light wood stain would be a fantastic choice for your basement or den. In the absence of windows, the wood stain can combine with your lights to introduce the type of energy your household has been missing. Light wood stains also allow you to explore a new design scheme. They can completely transform your interior décor.

3. Define Spaces Inside Your Home by Applying Dark Wood Stains

While light wood stains can introduce brightness in your home, the bold appearance of dark wood stains presents a different aesthetic. A wooden floor with a dark stain will almost always be the focal point of your home and can even make your space feel larger and cozier.

Many homeowners like using dark wood stains because they define areas so well. You can use them in place of doors to separate interior spaces. Use different shades of dark wood stains to create that effect.

Opting to use a dark wood stain also has practical benefits. It can hide any dents are marks very well. It also absorbs light, making it less susceptible to fading.

You can also go with a black wood stain. They present the strongest looks. You can use slate if the black wood stain is too dark for your desired design scheme. Dark hardwood stains work well if you’re hoping to retain some of your wooden home’s natural appearance.

4. Complement Outdoor Features by Going With Gray Wood Stains

According to Forbes, renovating your home’s hardwood floors has an average ROI of around 70% to 80%. Revamping your home design with the help of a home staining service is a fantastic idea.

Gray wood stains are uniquely suited for outdoor applications because they excel at being complementary. They won’t take away from your new paint scheme and outdoor décor. The gray color also prevents the stain from getting too bright.

Ash is probably the best type of stain to work with if you want something gray. The ash stain provides enough distinctive color without disrupting the natural appearance of the wood. You can also find a better fit for your outdoor application by checking out all the available ash wood stains.

5. Warm Up Your Home Interior by Using Red Wood Stains

Anything that brings a touch of warmth is a welcome sight during the harsh Minnesota winters. We’re not just talking about fireplaces and heaters here, either. You can also warm up the inside of your Minnesota home by choosing the right shade of wood stain.

For this particular application, you should use redwood stains. Those rich and earthy colors have a way of evoking warmth that alternative options simply cannot pull off. The shades of red also do a wonderful of showcasing the grain in your wooden walls and floors.

Variations of cedar wood stains are likely your best options if you want something with a prominent red color. Cherry mahogany is another great choice for lovers of redwood stains. The red color in cherry mahogany is very strong and can work as the centerpiece of your room décor.

6. Accentuate Natural Features by Coating Them with Green Wood Stains

Green wood stains are not used as often as the options already highlighted above. That’s a shame because green wood stains are among the most versatile options currently available. You can use green stains in various applications because they come in different degrees of brightness. Find the shade with the brightness level you need to round out your décor and produce something beautiful.

Still, green wood stains are at their best when complementing natural design fixtures. Use them to coat your outdoor wooden deck and expect spectacular results. You can also apply green wood stains to walls that serve as backdrops for your favorite plants. The interplay between the plant and the green backdrop can become your home décor’s centerpiece.

7. Elevate Your Coastal or Contemporary Design by Utilizing Blue Wood Stains

It’s hard to come up with a more unconventional choice for your wood stain color than blue. However, blue is a great choice for an accent wall or even your wooden furniture pieces. Blue wood stains can shine in certain design schemes.

Blue wood stains are best suited to complement your coastal home design. Look for the specific shade of blue that works well with your bright and breezy décor. These stains can also elevate contemporary design schemes. A darker shade like Azure offers a striking look that no other wood stain can replicate.

8. Highlight Your Unique Design Sense by Showcasing Multiple Wood Stains

Last but not least, you can also finish your wooden floors and walls by mixing two stains together. Just make sure they share a similar undertone so it flows consistently. If you’re covering a large area, do a test sample before to ensure you like how it mixes together. A professional home staining contractor will be able to give you the best advice and offer you some color choices that go well together.

Homeowners who want to use wood stains don’t have to worry about variety. The colors mentioned above are just a few of the many stains out there. There are numerous options for you to choose from, and they come with many benefits. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to staining your home’s interior floors or your outdoor deck. Hopefully, you’ll be able to identify what works best for your intended application. If you’re ready to give your home an upgrade with a home staining service, get in touch with our team at The Magic Painting Company! Our design and stain experts will help you find the right stain for your space. Whether you need your wood floors, wall decor, ceiling beams, or furniture stained, we’ve got you covered.

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