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6 Reasons to Repaint Your Home Before 2024

As winter approaches, homeowners have to prepare for the end of the year. This could include making the necessary updates to your home. As you think about good ways to start a new year, you may want to call upon an exterior and interior house painter. If you think painting is the last thing that should be on your list, here are a few reasons you should repaint your home before 2024.

1. Ring in the New Year

Are you one of the many people who makes New Year’s resolutions and forgets to follow through with them? Did 2023 involve you breaking several resolutions, such as making your home more comfortable and improving its value? Well, the year isn’t over yet, and by investing in the services of interior painters, you have the opportunity to start 2024 with a clean slate. Go into the new year with a beautiful home that looks fresh, all because you had the right paint job. Even if your exterior or interior house painter uses the same color, they can make your walls look brand-new again.

2. Improve Aesthetics

You can never make your home look too beautiful. There are several ways for experienced interior painters to revamp your home and have your walls shining and glistening like your home was just built. Imagine how you would add to your curb appeal by having an exterior paint job. Your Minnesota home could stand out from other houses on the block with a new coat of exterior paint with the right finish.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, homeowners want to stay home more after painting their walls. Such a feeling isn’t a shock, since an interior paint job makes your walls look better and provides something more enticing to look at. Maybe your interior walls have been damaged by time, humidity, children, animals, insects, etc. When professional painters get to work, before they apply any paint, they do what they can to make small repairs to your walls so the paint can adhere to them.

They understand that they shouldn’t paint on uneven or cracked walls as it won’t make the paint job look as effective as it should. They’ll repair any cracks, nail holes, or small dents in your walls. These professionals only use the highest quality paints and materials once they have a smooth surface to work on. As a result, you’ll have beautifully painted interior walls that can last for years. Plus, if you’re one of several Americans living in a home that was built prior to 1980, your wall colors may be outdated. So, if you repaint your home before 2024, you can finally enjoy a house color that is updated with either modern trends or at least suits your personality.

3. Enjoy Possible Tax Breaks

You may ask yourself, what does painting have to do with taxes? There are some upgrades in which homeowners can get a tax break after the fact. For example, are you making a home upgrade that could benefit the building of a home office or improve your resale value? Are you making home upgrades that can benefit the medical care or health of anyone living there?

Are you one of many Americans working from home in a hybrid position, as a freelancer, or who has completely started their own business? If so, a designated home workspace is a must, not only to effectively work better but to qualify for the necessary tax breaks that come with that. If you hired interior painters to paint your new office space at home, that’s something you can account for on your taxes. Such an upgrade before 2024 comes in, allows you to make that deduction on your next tax filing.

Is the paint in your Minnesota home outdated? The right professional interior house painter team will remove outdated, toxic, moldy wallpaper and paint and restore those walls with safe paint and sealants that pass inspection. All the best professionals in Minnesota only use high-quality materials that will be safe for you and your family to live among.

4. Have Protection from Elements

Being in Minnesota involves harsh winters. Any exterior paint job will protect a home from the elements, such as rain, hail, and snow. With the harsh climate of the Midwest, your home will need extra protection from snow and freezing weather. According to Statista, the painting business will have a $235 billion net worth by 2029, in part due to how these professionals protect building surfaces with their quality materials and techniques. Professionals understand they must adjust the type of paints and sealants that they use based on the environment. So you can trust that your Midwestern home will have protection from the upcoming winter as you go into 2024.

5. Make Things Beautiful for Holiday Entertainment

One of the highlights of the ending of 2023 is the holiday season. By investing in exterior and interior house painters, you’ll have a home that’s ready-made for holiday entertainment. Before you show off your Christmas lights outside, wouldn’t it be best if you had an exterior paint job for extra contrast? Did you plan on hosting Christmas parties this year? Before you go through all the trouble of decorating your tree, putting out Christmas candy, and planning the holiday feast, a beautiful interior paint job will set the stage for everything. You’ll have the right background to show off on your family Christmas photo, and you won’t be embarrassed by wall cracks or peeling paint when neighbors come over for eggnog and Christmas carols.

6. Change the Vibe

What is the mood like inside your home? Does it feel relaxing or energetic? Is it a place where you feel in touch with nature or can easily concentrate? If you’re not satisfied with the overall mood of a particular room or your house as a whole, you can change that before the new year starts. So, if you need a home that’s your calming space or a room you want to have as an energetic zone, interior house painters can set the stage by using the right colors. Lavenders and blues are great for providing a calming mood. You can open up your small kitchen by painting it white. You can even pick a room to paint in a darker color or earth tone so it could feel cozy and warm for movie nights.

Let interior house painters work their magic before the year ends. Whether you’re considering changing the mood, want to increase your home value, or improve curb appeal, now is a great time. It can also set the stage for you to make future updates so that 2024 can get off to a strong start. Now that you’re convinced of the right reasons to repaint your home this year, you’ll need the right professionals on the job. If you’re ready to have the best home on your Minnesota block next year, turn to our professional team today at The Magic Painting Company for a custom quote on your paint project. We have over 25 years of experience and will enhance the beauty of your home with long-lasting paint products. Contact us today to get started!

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