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6 Colors to Consider for Your Master Bathroom

Requesting the service of an interior house painting company is always a good idea. According to House Grail, 88% of people develop more of a desire to stay home after painting an interior room. Any part of your home can benefit from repainting, but the often-overlooked master bathroom deserves special attention. Repainting can have a transformative effect on a master bathroom. The exact effect you get will depend on the paint color you choose.

1. Keep Your Master Bathroom Bright and Clean With White Paint

The first paint color we want you to consider for your master bathroom is none other than white. White is a classic bathroom color option for a reason. For starters, white paint lends an aura of brightness that is very welcome in the bathroom. You want that space to feel comfortable for anyone using it, and white paint has that distinctive quality.

Many homeowners also like using white paint in the bathroom because it provides a neutral backdrop. Just about any type of bathroom décor makes sense style-wise when paired with white paint. You can put a wooden vanity inside your bathroom and not worry about it clashing with the classic paint scheme. The white paint can also tone down some colorful art pieces that you’re planning to display.

From a maintenance perspective, white paint can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, stains are more obvious when set against that backdrop. On the other hand, you can spot and clean stains faster because they are left exposed.

You should consider your fixtures before painting your bathroom white. Depending on your chosen white paint variant, some of your fixtures may get lost. Consult with professional painters to identify the specific shade of white that will work with your bathroom fixtures.

2. Create Stark Beautiful Contrast Using Black Paint

After highlighting the merits of using white paint in a primary bathroom, let’s discuss why the color black should also be considered. Black paint can work in the bathroom because it provides the contrast you’re not getting from any color. White and metallic bathroom fixtures look great when set against a backdrop of black paint. The subtle characteristics that make a fixture pop appear more prominent when displayed inside a bathroom painted black.

Black paint also allows homeowners to complete specific design schemes. A black master bathroom could be what you need to finish your modern or contemporary design plan. That color can also create much-needed design continuity between your bedroom and bathroom.

The potential issue with using black paint is the effect it could have on your main bathroom’s perceived dimensions. Simply put, black paint can make a space feel smaller. This shouldn’t be that big of an issue since you’re repainting a master bathroom, but taking some preventative measures is still advisable. Ask your painters to add lighter or cooler accents to counter the shrinking effect of your bathroom’s black color scheme.

3. Complete Your Existing Master Bathroom Design Scheme With Charcoal Paint

We’ve touched on the possibilities of using white and black paint in the master bathroom, so now, let’s go somewhere in the middle. However, we’re not going with gray in this scenario. Instead, you should consider using charcoal paint.

The great thing about charcoal paint is it possesses innate qualities that you’re not getting from other colors. For instance, charcoal has an earthy quality you don’t get from gray paint. That earthy quality can pair well with wooden furniture and any other natural pieces you keep in your bathroom.

Charcoal is also a terrific color choice if you have bathroom tiles made from slate or other types of natural stone. The charcoal paint complements the appearance of those tiles very well. The color combination creates the type of cohesion that can take your bathroom design to the next level. Properly execute that vision by enlisting the aid of an interior house painting company.

4. Take Advantage Pink Paint’s Surprising Versatility

Similar to black, pink is widely considered to be an unconventional color choice for a master bathroom. Even some homeowners who like bright and bold color schemes think that pink comes off a bit too strong. Don’t give up on the idea of using pink paint in your bathroom just yet. It can still be a terrific addition to your master bathroom if you know how to utilize it properly.

Pink is going to be the dominant color in your bathroom if you choose a stronger variant. That’s why you should lean on accents to create contrast. Black and pink is a beautiful color combination that looks good in any space. You can also go with white accents if the pink shade you chose is darker.

Light pink works almost like a neutral color. You can treat it like a warmer shade of white and pair it with various decorative pieces. The welcoming warmth of your light pink bathroom is something you’ll enjoy most during the winter.

5. Bring Out Beauty Your Bathroom Using Blue Paint

Pink can be a versatile bathroom color, but even that may pale in comparison to blue. There are so many ways to use blue paint inside a master bathroom. We have some ideas for you to consider.

First, you can create a bathroom design scheme that takes inspiration from the location of your home. If you live near the coastline, you can use light blue and turquoise paints to complement your surroundings. Use white accents to complete that scenery, and you’ll end up with something truly spectacular.

Blue is also a great color choice if you have large windows or natural fixtures inside your bathroom. Sky blue paint pairs well with rays of sunshine. The blue sky overhead can also harmonize with your chosen paint scheme.

You can also create a complete design theme using blue paint. After coating your master bathroom with blue paint, you can complete your new décor with blue tiles and a vanity featuring the same color. Choose different shades of blue so you can create visual contrast.

6. Establish Beautiful Color Pairings With Green Paint

Lastly, let’s discuss using green paint inside your master bathroom. Although green generally isn’t regarded as an unconventional paint color, it’s still rarely used within the bathroom setting. That’s a shame because green paint can shine inside the bathroom if it’s paired with the right colors.

A green and white color combination works well for any part of the home, but its relaxing vibe fits best inside a master bathroom. If you’re going for this specific color pairing, you should choose a shade of leafy green. White paint excels at bringing out the beauty of that color.

Do you want to create a primary bathroom with a more natural feel to it? To do that, you should pair your green paint with wooden accents. A wooden vanity will complement the appearance of your green paint. In this case, you can use both light and dark green paint to produce stunning results.

Natural light fixtures also enhance the appearance of green paint. Go subtle if you want this pairing to work. A shade of green paint closer to neutral would be best in that scenario.

Redefine the look and feel of your master bathroom by coating it with some new paint. Take inspiration from the options we listed here and create a sanctuary you can enjoy whenever you want. Contact our team at The Magic Painting Company today if you’re looking for an interior house painting company that can execute your design plans expertly!

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