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Patio Covering

Patio Covering

There is more that goes into a patio covering than meets the eye. Smart patio plus helps customers build the perfect outdoor space as the sole provider of the Struxure Outdoor roof in Southern California.

Covering your Patio

Whatever your deck or patio plans are, you should consider covering your newest or oldest outdoor asset. Your gathering space deserves the same thought you give you home. It is your indoor living room after all.

A patio covering is a source of protection and a way to craft a memorable outdoor space. You gain the ability to keep out the weather while creating something classy and stylish.

Keeping out the Elements

Southern California is a land of extremes. Los Angeles sits in a coastal desert. Cold nights and winters give way to extremely hot summers. There is even snow in Los Angeles county.

The sun and water warp and crack decks. Water seeps in and compounds the damage. The weather can even fade your favorite seat coverings.

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

The summer heat has perhaps the largest impact in the county on both your patio and family gatherings. Many people avoid their outdoor space in favor of the air conditioning.

Patio coverings help you enjoy your space year round. Keep out the sweltering sun near your pool or in the open. Turn your patio into a fourth of July meeting space for the entire extended family.

Types of Patio Coverings

There are many different types of patio coverings that can protect your social life and expensive deck or patio. These come in the style you desire.

Choose from:

  • Greco-Roman pillars supporting solid or supported roof
  • A Western style pergola
  • Post Modern metal

The choice you make frames your yard. The covering and posts stand out in a sea of grass, rock, and water features. You likely remember the roof of the picnic area instead of the wood or concrete floor.

Making use of Geography and Your Surroundings

The choice you make should also compliment their surroundings. You would not style a pergola sitting on a mountain the same way as the patio near your pool, even if it was an infinity pool.

Struxure Outdoor adjustable roofs are perfect for any area. We build our coverings to match your vision.

Do Not Compromise with the Weather

Whatever choice you make, you should not compromise on the amount of sun or shade thrown on your patio. Forgoing the soft light of a sunrise or sunset for protection is not a choice.

Smart Patio Plus’ adjustable louvered coverings in wood or metal easily transition from solid to slotted. They are like having a traditional roof and a pergola in one structure.

Smart Patio Coverings in Southern California

Patio coverings are a necessity in any area. With weather extremes, the Struxure Outdoor roof is the perfect option for Los Angeles County.

Find out more about our patented technology by visiting our website today. Our remodeling experts are ready to transform your patio into a lasting asset you will enjoy.

Patio Covering

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