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Kevin R. WailesCaitlyn M. Wright John ArmstrongDavid L. RisdallDale Mather

Name: Dale A. Mather
Residence: Northeast Minneapolis
Birthplace: Minneapolis
Booklearning: BFA Visual Arts - St. Paul
Brush Time: 7 years
Specialty: Art & More Art
Favorite Room: A.V. Room
Favorite Tools: Sea Sponges & Air Brush
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Color: Sky Blue & Grass Green

Name: Caitlyn M. Wright
Residence: Minneapolis
Birthplace: Seattle
Booklearning: BSW, St. Catherines
Brush Time: 5 years
Specialty: I like slow, meticulous things best
Favorite Room: Kitchen
Favorite Tools: iPad
Favorite Food: Deli Salads & Burritos
Favorite Color: Yellow or Purple

David L. Risdall

Name: David L. Risdall
Residence: St. Louis Park
Birthplace: Cloquet, MN
Booklearning: B.S. Media Communications, North Central University
Brush Time: 6 years
Specialty: Attention to detail
Favorite Room: Hallway
Favorite Tools: 5-in-1
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Color: Red

Kevin R. Wailes

Name: Kevin R. Wailes
Residence: Maple Grove, MN
Birthplace: Boone, IA
Booklearning: B.A. Business Marketing and Business Management, Iowa State University
Brush Time: 12 years
Specialty: Service, Project Management, & Wood Spraying
Favorite Room: Living Room/Great Room
Favorite Tools: Hammer and Paint Brushr
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Color: Fluorescent Blue and Neon Green

Name: John P. Armstrong
Residence: Golden Valley
Birthplace: Madison
Booklearning: B.A. U of M - Duluth
Brush Time: 13 years plus
Specialty: colors, service and selling
Favorite Room: Yoga Room
Favorite Tools: Pencils, Post-its & vacuums
Favorite Food: Pepito's quesadilla
Favorite Color: Whipple Blue