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Our Team - Professional employees who keep the spirit of the work alive

Magic Painting's staff are great to work with and care for your home!  We employ top-notch individuals who exemplify passion for their well-being, teamwork and profession.

We hire on character and experience first and then train to Magic Painting's standards and operating procedures.  Our success model is based both on hiring permanent employees (not temporary workers), and on our attention to a positive, earnest and professional work culture.  This in turn supports employee engagement, keeps the spirit of the work alive and assures quality of service and product. 

In addition, our employee certification program creates clarity and autonomy for staff development and advancement.

Esteban R. Rodriguez
Name: Esteban R. Rodriguez
Residence: St. Paul
Birthplace: Dominican Republic 
Booklearning: Cologio San Antonio de Padua, DR
Brush Time: 18 Years
Specialty: Scraping
Favorite Room: Kitchen
Favorite Tools: Drill
Favorite Food: Rice and Beans
Favorite Color: White

Howard V. Gonzalez
Name: Howard V. Gonzalez
Residence: Oakdale, MN
Birthplace: North Ridge, California
Booklearning: Roosevelt High School, MN
Brush Time: 16 Years
Specialty: Spray Gun
Favorite Room: Hallways
Favorite Tools: Brush
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Color: Red

Judd L. Kranz
Name: Judd L. Kranz
Residence: Minneapolis, MN
Birthplace: Good Thunder, MN
Booklearning: B.A U of M - Duluth
Brush Time: 3 Years
Specialty: Trim
Favorite Room: Entryway
Favorite Tools: Brush
Favorite Food: Burrito
Favorite Color: Green

John P. Armstrong
John P. Armstrong
Residence: Golden Valley
Birthplace: Madison, WI
Booklearning: B.A. U of M - Duluth
Brush Time: 15 years plus
Specialty: colors, service and selling
Favorite Room: Dining Room
Favorite Tools: Pencils, Post-its & vacuums
Favorite Food: Walleye Dinner
Favorite Color: Whipple Blue