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Our Process: Design, Production, Cleanup, Inspection, Touchup

Magic Painting process begins by getting to know what's unique about you and your home and what's your vision for this project.   We tailor the colors, staging and craftsmanship to each homeowner. 

After a clear color and design picture is set, we then schedule a production schedule that works for you.  Production starts with a staff orientation to get everyone on the same page, and then all the prep-work is generally completed first and approved before any finish work is started.  All production is performed in an organized, systematic and thorough fashion. 

After all the finish-work is complete, and we've thoroughly cleaned up after ourselves, you're invited to do a walk-through inspection with a Magic Painting foreman to assure your satisfaction.  Our foreman will do any needed touchups until you tell us you're satisfied with our work and sign us off.  We will then leave you with well labeled, partially full paint cans for each color/material used.