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Our Approach

Magic Painting is a relationship company that specializes in custom, residential house painting services.  We work directly with homeowners and typically occupied single-family homes.  Our comprehensive project management system creates a premier experience for both the process and product of the job.  Our metrics for success are: service excellence, high-end professionalism, custom craftsmanship, competent staffing, and an enduring investment.

Our Working Relationship

Magic Painting's Promise:

  1. We will relate to you and work from your vision.
  2. We will be honest and communicate directly and proactively.
  3. We will work with your budget and substantiate our work.
  4. We will be prompt, responsive, organized and clean.
  5. We will uphold a spirit of good will in our working relationship and meet and/or exceed your expectations.

We Ask of You:

  1. That you sign a written contract and make a starting deposit.
  2. That you participate in confirming and clarifying your expectations as well as updating Magic Painting of any changes.
  3. That you guide Magic Painting towards your satisfaction where perfection may not be possible.
  4. That you provide post-production feedback to assure we've meet your expectation and/or help our business development.
  5. That you uphold a spirit of good will in our working relationship.